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Don't give up!

Please don't stop making these games, I love them all.

Alot of reflexive work, very little reward.

I found this game to be interesting at first, but some of the puzzles really just irritated me because of how fast the platforms moved. The retro-styled graphics and music were cute at first but they also irritated me at the end because of the lack of a nicer ending. It's like oh hey, not even a "thanks for playing" at the end? That's cool.

8-bit Perfection.

This is the kind of game I wish I could've played when I was a kid.


this is about as fun as playing one of those "YOU HAVE WON AN IPOD NANO" games...

still, gotta get rid of those damn vampires. you can't depend on Simon or Richter all the time.

cool game bro

was worth playing through it, once I figured out the controls it was easy. the down key for breaking the blocks was a bit odd because I couldnt slide down a wall while doing it. but still a nice game


this game couldn't be any cooler, seriously! the rock music, the radical weapons and the stupid quotes from the geek make this game completely perfect. I love the mouthnoise music in between shots, too! Hahaha!


Very confusing and challenging, but still fun!

It takes a trained eye to see the gaps between the fireballs. I also liked how you used a few mario sounds to hint at how its a parody of him without being too obvious. (although anyone who couldn't see that, is an idiot, and probably never played a mario game in their life.)

Not quite as fun as Super Mario Bros Crossover, but still worthy of the front page. LOL :P bet you didn't see that coming did you? now if only there was a better remake of Zelda II: Link's Adventure... we'd be getting somewhere!

Enough of my rambling though, I didn't keep playing this for very long, but I still think that it is a good game.

I spent 10 hours playing this

I managed to finish all the levels with just level 21. I started with undead, then got the gold talents from the orcs, and everything except the meteor mastery from the demons.. mixed results.

anyways, great game. I wish it were easier to see other peoples comments, and then we could share strategies! but this is just the beginning -- IriySoft, you have alot of potential. I hope to see something of yours, published some day.


I don't know how you did it, but it's like a dream come true to me.

the only nitpick I have is that Simon's whip and axes don't hurt bullet bills. also, the piranha plants stay up about 1 full second longer than they should do. You should shorten the time that they stick out of their pipes. Other than that, I got a laugh when I was able to tear through the blocks like crazy and cause some serious mayhem. Very cool game overall, just needs a few tweaks here and there.

Keeping working on it.

"Edit: I have noticed allot of people complaining about the control scheme, off hit tests, double jump reaction, music choice and bad platforms. Which just proves to us that our intention has succeeded.
Thank you."
What exactly was your intention? to troll the internet?
:/ hope you're proud of yourself. this game could've been alot better, and you could've been alot nicer with your replies. but you just come off as a complete douchebag saying "lol ur mad cuz ur bad" like some kind of World of Warcraft addict.
"Edit II: You guys seems to hate games that don't agree with the usual concept of how games work, this isn't an average game. Everything that is in here has been thought out thoroughly. But I guess some people don't like games they can't win unless they actually try."

The usual concept of how games work, is that there is a way to solve everything. But if you make it too difficult for the average person to complete, then people are going to get pissed off at you. Your thought patterns are about as matured as an 18 year old just discovering dating sites. You need to be in the community longer than 15 minutes before you know what people are like.

Personally after dying twice on the spinny blade room just after the lazers, I got sick of the shitty controls and poor impact detection. I'm sorry, but this game has no right to be here. You are wasting peoples time. I'm not trying to be crude and childish here, I'm just calling it like I see it. 4/5 people before me have said that this game sucks, and I'm inclined to agree with them. :) Blammed.

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