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I don't usually like to write reviews because they get voted down but I really enjoyed this. thank you for making it. I wish all skeletal monsters were friendly like that. :P

Was that artwork from Deja Vu? I loved that type of game as a kid. :3

thoroughly enjoyable, I have to admit I am a little bit shocked that they would come across the stronghold before going to the nether.

I guess they dont have any use for eyes of ender now, huh?

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Don't give up!

Please don't stop making these games, I love them all.

Alot of reflexive work, very little reward.

I found this game to be interesting at first, but some of the puzzles really just irritated me because of how fast the platforms moved. The retro-styled graphics and music were cute at first but they also irritated me at the end because of the lack of a nicer ending. It's like oh hey, not even a "thanks for playing" at the end? That's cool.

8-bit Perfection.

This is the kind of game I wish I could've played when I was a kid.

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I am going to build now.

Listened to while playing Terraria

the best visual for this is spinart
also dongs

It's over nine thousaaaaand~

Very randomized little theme, I suppose it works.

On a gigantic side note, I've spent a lot of time getting commissions done by artists here and there.. but most of them are just small-timers and they don't really give me the feeling of glory that I've been seeking. However... there are artists that I wish I could reach out to on a more 1-to-1 level. I think you're one of them, because when I watch your animations, I reach a feeling and a point of true wonder and admiration. Wonder at what goes on in your head when you make these, what kind of real-life friends you have, and what you like to eat at dinner-time. And, admiration at how talented you are and, sadness at how many days have gone by that I've failed to properly thank you for your work. I hope this message reaches you safely, and I hope I didn't come across as creepy or overly nerdy at all. :D

Artwork by Zeriara

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